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Still On Top

I am more than happy to say that along with 10 other teams, we are one out of the 11 standing at a 2-0 record; Final: 26-21. Proud of our victorious outcome last Sunday night, we have a lot to works towards this coming weekend where the Watts will showcase what they're made of.

Although we defeated the Broncos I don't really think it showcased what Pittsburgh is really made of. Last week I mentioned how Tomlin was impressed but alas not wowed by Pittsburgh's performance, this week was no different.

"We were far from perfect... We gotta get better. We're thankful to win in spite of it."

Given Tomlins great dissatisfaction with our past two performances we can only hope for a better outcome this Sunday.

Despite the fact that we were always on top throughout the game, it should've been a better show, with more chance for our players to show off. Contrary to a dull game rookie Chase Claypool continues to show what he's made of as this week he showed up with an 84-yard connection from Ben.

Starting from the beginning lets dive into a recap. Off the bat we had our Steel Curtain coming in hot, producing turnovers that created room for many offensive plays to work off of. Significantly on the second play Dupree came in with a sack that led to the end of Drew Locks game ruling him out as a shoulder injury, also causing a fumble which was picked up by Hilton (CB). Followed by a 59-yard drive the Steelers were up 7-0 with our first touchdown of the game, and Conner's first touchdown of the season. Claypool kept it clean as he tip toed to the end zone with an 84-yard play, concluding with a touchdown. Haden came up with an interception nearing the end of the first half, contrary to the powerful play we couldn't complete the drive and instead settled for a field goal; still putting us ahead with a 17-3 lead. Thus ending the first quarter.

Third quarter started off rough as Ben threw his first interception leading to Denver's second field goal bringing the score to 17-6. With a touchdown from the Broncos following the Steelers were only leading by 3 as the score rose 17-14. Following that the Steelers responded with a 28-yard touchdown pass giving us some Ben to Johnson action. After the kick on a failed attempt at a punt the Steelers took down punter Sam Martin as he fumbled a snap, Pittsburgh recovering with a safety. Ending the game with a final of 26-21, Steelers.

A big day for Big Ben as he moved ahead Manning into 8th place for the NFL's all-time touchdown pass list. Ben also completed that game with 311 yards.

We look forward to the defensive challenge the Texans will bring us, and we hope to continue our winning streak at Heinz Field.


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