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Show Up, Show Off, Show Out.

Starting this regular season out with an impressive win on the road against the Bills, our Pittsburgh Steelers come out on top, 23-16.

With no points to show for in the first half, and very little progression on the offense, Steelers fans were on the edge of their seats, only hoping to pull off some huge comeback. The first couple plays not going in our favor created an unsettling feeling, we knew this game would be tough, and a difficult win if we could pull it off.

"We didn't start great. We gave up a kickoff to start the game off. I thought the defense's ability to kind of quell that and hold them to three was significant, but we just faced a lot of challenges today."

Moving on, gladly, into the second half the Steelers down 10-0, having no points on the board, feeling defeated. The Pittsburgh defense had been working hard all game, now it was time for our offense to prove themselves. In the third quarter, Boswell completed two field goals increases the score to 10-6 as we went into the fourth quarter. Still down by 3, with merely over 11 minutes remaining in the game Big Ben finds Johnson for a passing touchdown, followed by an extra point bringing us on top, 13-10. Killebrew then made a name for himself, blocking the Bills' punt, LB Gilbert III swept up the ball and ran into the end zone to put up back to back 20 unanswered points for the Steelers. Up by 10, the Bills pushed into field goal range, and acquired 3, making the game 20-13. Followed by one last field goal from Boswell, Pittsburgh snatches the win in Buffalo 23-13, putting up quite the show for the Bills in the second half. Feeling glorious, our Steelers fought hard and had the literal definition of "finishing strong."

"It's a great team victory. I'm appreciative of their efforts. Hopefully it's a sign of what we're capable of from a will standpoint. But one week in is not going to write your story. It's just good to come into an environment against AFC giant if you will, defending AFC East champs, and get a win in September. Just really thankful for it."

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