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Busy Bees

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Starting off the season with a chance to let the young players take over and show off their skills, the Steelers completed what was a fair clean game with no major blips. There are five weeks left until the start of the season and as for now, our killer bees are looking strong for this 2021 season.

The energy that the fans provided us, being without that largely, for over a year, it was good to be back in that type of a football environment. We were appreciative of that."

With Big Ben on the sidelines, the Cowboys gained a first down to start off the night. Followed by a semi successful drive ending with a Cowboys field goal. The first quarter proceeded with a missed field goal by the Cowboys and just like that the second quarter began 3-0. This score remained consistent throughout the first half, continuing into the third quarter. Putting some points on the board RB Kalen Ballage scored a rushing TD, which lead up to the fourth quarter where WR Tyler Simmons completed a touchdown pass from QB Josh Dobbs. With that, the Steelers came out victorious in their first preseason game 16-3. Coming off that winning high, five Pittsburgh Steelers will be sent into the HOF over the course of this week and this excitement showed all throughout the stadium filled with fans and joy, for football is BACK!

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