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As For The Rookies...

Nearly a month after the season closed off, our Steelers have been up to many activities, such as travelling's, spending time with their family, or getting straight to work. As for Ben, I hope he is not getting too used to the comfort of the off-season. Now focusing more on the youth of the team, settle down for a ROOKIE RECAP 2020!

Starting off with our most successful and most played rookie, Chase Claypool finished the regular season with 62 receptions, 873 yards, 14.1 yard average, and 9 receiving touchdowns, alongside 2 rushing touchdowns.

"He has got some God-given abilities that not many people in this world have" Ben said about Claypool.

Highlighting one of his most impressive games, he showed off his "God-given abilities" during week 4 against the Eagles Claypool concluded with 4 touchdowns and 110 receiving yards. He made Steelers history this game. Chase has grown close with many players on the team and has made a name for himself through social media. His young spark brought the team together and connected him closely with WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, together they created a loving brotherly bond. This represents Claypool's persona and how it stretched beyond the realm of being a powerful athlete.

Following Claypool, Linebacker Alex Highsmith from Charlotte was drafted in the third round and made an appearance in all regular season games. He learned from Dupree and Watt and took advice from them as they watched him grow. He concluded the season with 48 tackles, 2 sacks, and an interception.

"You wouldn't expect a rookie to have a lot of moves in their resume. When he goes out there and gets on the offensive tackles, he is athletic, bends well and makes plays" said cornerback Mike Hilton.

For one of the two fourth round picks, OL Kevin Dotson from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was drafted and unexpectedly started in his second NFL game due to injuries on the team. He had great pass protection and blocking, he blocked for more than 100 yard rush for Conner and 300 yard passes from Big Ben in his first game against Denver.

"He's a really great kid, I can't say enough about him. Hopefully, he keeps his head on the right way and keeps progressing in the right way" said Pouncey.

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