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What would you say if I told you I was 16...

Like the rest of you, watching and keeping up with the Steelers religiously is practically one of my personality traits. On top of dedicating late Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights to the game we both know and love, I challenge myself in rigorous high school courses and book my afternoons like no other with clubs, sports, and homework. I consider myself pretty busy. As I've grown I learned that being busy isn't an excuse for not putting in my all. Taking a deep dive into my aspirations, I realize I only have one life to put myself on those sidelines. Oh, I said it, yeah you heard me, I am so beyond determined to become an NFL sideline reporter.
Beginning of a Journey



With my biggest goal in life being to report NFL games and Super Bowls, I know I have a long way to go. My purpose in creating this blog is to start getting "my head in the game". Putting in the hard work to create a platform, I hope to draw attention to many readers and to make a name for myself. 

Growing up around the buzzing DC area, and a high school student, 16 years young, you come to gain a little wisdom (like to never walk in the metro but to aggressively speed walk). I feel lucky to know at such an early age what I'm passionate about and want to pursue in my up and coming future. The only way to make it to the top is to start from the bottom. So here I am a young girl with a vivacious spark and determination like no other to achieve my goals in life, working my way up to the top. See you on the big screen. In the meantime... check out my blog:)

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