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Never Stop Dancing

Falling short this past Sunday night to the Buffalo Bills, 26-15, the Steelers still qualified for the playoffs and set an NFL record by completing one sack (at least) per game for 70 consecutive games, the most in NFL history. While still trying to prove themselves, the Steelers, just like many others have had difficult injuries and Covid-19 cases which cause absences that were notable in Sundays performances. With two consecutive losses the Steelers hope to show up physically and mentally prepared for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals Monday night.

With no scoring plays in the first quarter the Steelers put up their first touchdown of the night with 8:21 remaining in the half. The end to the drive was a 19-yard touchdown pass to WR James Washington followed by the made extra point, Boswell. The Bills responded with a touchdown and field goal, making the score 7-9 going into halftime.

"We gotta find a way to collect ourselves and make sufficient plays. We didn't, so we accept responsibility for that and get ready for our next opportunity."

With no scoring plays in the third quarter, the Bills put up 14 unanswered points. Continuing into the fourth quarter Big Ben had a 3-yard touchdown pass to WR JuJu Smith-Schuster that was followed by a successful two point conversion which brought us up to 15-23. With hope still left our players were exhausted and the Bills capped the night with a field goal making the final 26-15.

With an upsetting two weeks, Pittsburgh plans to move past that and show the rest of the NFL some real Steel City ball next Monday night, see you soon Cincinnati.

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