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Undefeated Thus Far...

Our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, after a rough first quarter, shut out the New York Giants 26-16 on a victorious MNF season opener.

First it was Watt and then Juju and then our Big Ben were keys aids to our win Monday Night. Second quarter was the fight to get back on top. Thanks to T.J Watt's fourth career interception, and then Ben doing a little magic with a TD completion to Juju at the Giants 10. Snell came out for a big game with 19 carries and 113 yards, and was crucial to keeping the Steelers offense alive once Conner went out with a questionable return to the game due to an ankle injury. Right before the halftime Pittsburgh was up 16-10. Ben finished the game for an overall of 229 passing yards.

"I feel great right now," said Roethlisberger, who is coming off elbow surgery after missing 14 of 16 games in 2019. "I'm gonna be sore tomorrow but in terms of the elbow and everything else I feel really good."

In the second half Cam Heyward came up with a big interception at the end-zone from one of Jones' tipped off passes. That really put the Steelers on fire and from then on another field goal kick by Boswell and Juju's second touchdown which put the Steelers up 26-10. With under 2 minutes left in the quarter following a Giants touchdown their attempt at a two-point conversion was not enough, finishing the game at a 26-16 final.

Personally the best part of any game is seeing what fun touchdown celebration Juju comes up with, and well... this week:

Juju always giving a friendly face for the cameras!
"I thought they showed their mettle. I thought they were physically tough, mentally tough. We've got to do some things better. We knew we weren't going to be perfect tonight. We talked about that openly last night in preparation for this opportunity. There is more meat on the bones. I appreciate their efforts. We just have to search for a higher ceiling in terms of quality of play." Coach Tomlin added.

After the end of this week the Steelers come up 4th in the NFL power rankings and it's only going uphill from here!


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Erin Applegarth
Erin Applegarth
17 de set. de 2020

Love the recap!

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