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As the Steelers are getting all riled up and ready to show off all their hard work tonight, at the very first 2020 NFL Monday Night Football we will be going up against the New York Giants.

Who's ready to rumble?

"Their willingness to continue to work to make adjustment after adjustment to protocol has been the most impressive thing" said Coach Tomlin

Let's take a look on how the Giants are viewing us from New York, to take a peak through their eyes. Giants coach Joe Judge highly respects the Steelers and their dynasties that we have carried.

"To play the Steelers, it's important for our players and coaches to understand the tradition and culture that is in their DNA. They're a tough team from a tough city. They have a blue-collar mentality."
"This offense is heavily explosive. They have one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. They have a tremendous collection of receivers, tight ends and running backs, all of which can change the game on any play."

Don't miss the game tonight, on ESPN @7:10.

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