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Last one standing...

Sunday's game was an edge of your seat type of game, with a missed field goal by the Titans kicker in the last seconds of the game Pittsburgh claimed the victory.

Waking up Monday feeling 6-0 has never felt better, being the last standing team in the league undefeated! Let's get a run through:

A Pittsburgh touchdowns within the first minutes of the first quarter giving me and I'm sure many as this is the best team we've had to face this season thus far. With a Titans touchdown in the second quarter and two Pittsburgh touchdowns with a field goal were were up 17 points going into halftime.

"It's a good win but there's a lot we have to improve on going forward" Said Heyward.

The second half... well. The Steelers with a field goal in the first minutes of the third quarter was returned with 17 unanswered points, put up by the Titans. This brought a real setback to the Steelers, giving lots of us... many nail biting moments. leaving us 24-27.

"At the end of the day, we got a win against a really good football team at their place." Said Roethlisberger.

This led to the final moment of anxiety, and one that left Big Bens jaw dropping. A MISSED FIELD GOAL KICK BY TITANS KICKER STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI. FINAL SCORE 27-24. VICTORY. 6-0. ONLY UNDEFEATED TEAM IN THE NFL.


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