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Killer Bees Showing What They're Made Of

Waking up feeling victorious, the Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens 28-24 Sunday and improved to a record of 7-0. Let me tell you something, this undefeated feeling has never felt so great. With a game full of turnovers and many lead changes, our Pittsburgh Steelers pulled through with the win, reigning in the AFC North.

Baltimore's first drive of the game began and ended very shortly with a 33-yard interception return by Spillane, starting the game off in the end zone 7-0 Pittsburgh. Finishing up a slow first quarter, tied 7-7. With even less action in the second quarter the Steelers enter the locker room down 7-17.

"This rivalry is what it is, man," Acknowledged coach Tomlin.

"I knew it could be tough sledding early on and it was. We had to adjust. I thought we needed that 12 or so minutes at halftime to gather ourselves, recalibrate and eliminate some things on our menu and highlight some other things on that menu that were going to be critical to the challenges that they were presenting." Said Tomlin

Returning to the game in the second half Ben finishes and explosive drive with an 18-yard pass to Eric Ebron to put us back in the races now only trailing by 3. Rookie LB Alex Highsmith picks off Lamar to return the ball to the Steelers, making quite the impression, Following that drive Conner runs in for a touchdown, regaining our lead now 21-17. Starting the fourth quarter the Ravens responded with a touchdown, we trailed 21-24. As the clock was ticking down tensions and anxiety was rising. What would this rivalry hold in store for this game? Will the Ravens be the choking to our win streak? Would we come out on top? With under 8 minutes left in the fourth, our favorite rookie Chase Claypool receives and 8-yard touchdown pass to put us in the lead 28-24. Final.

Dallas next week, they're 2-6, we are 7-0. This should be fun.

"More than anything it's about how we function and the state that we are in and us doing the things that we need to do to produce victory in spite of the challenges that attrition and the game of football often times presents teams. That is the challenge for us this week." Tomlin on meeting with the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday.


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