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It's Been A Year, Not The Year

The AFC Wildcard game against the Cleveland Browns this past Sunday eliminated our Pittsburgh Steelers from any chance of playing for the Lombardi. We fell 48-37. I want thank the people who worked behind the scenes to put together what it takes for our beloved Steelers to do what they love. Thank you to Big Ben who played his heart out on Sunday and nearly doubled Mayfield's passing yards; Roethlisberger put up 501 yards. This season has been extraordinary and has given me a football thrill like no other. As a high school student there is a lot to manage between school work and extra curricular activities, with this blog, I always worked my hardest to prioritize my work by publishing well written and authentic articles throughout this season. A little recap for those of you new to my blog: My name is Ana Escamilla, I'm 16 years old and have dreams of becoming an NFL sideline reporter. During the season, this blog has given me so many special opportunities and the chance to speak to some amazing people and reporters, whom I now call my idols. Thank you to the Steelers who helped writing my articles a little easier when we were undefeated, I now feel a bittersweet joy. Being in love with the game creates a lot of emotional roller coasters especially when you watch your team fall behind and the time drain. This game was special in the sense that as the clock drained, our points rose, but it wasn't enough to cover the turnovers and lack of motivation in the first quarter. Now for the game recap:

Everything fell when a missed snap was recovered on the first Pittsburgh drive for a Cleveland TD. The Browns continued to score and they put up 35 points in the first half. Ending the half with only 10 points on the board we enter the third quarter.

"There's pain associated with where we are right now. There's no running away from that. That's football and that's life." Said Tomlin.

Silencing Cleveland third quarter Pittsburgh managed to put up 13 points on the board. Pittsburgh fans were getting antsy, Browns fans were getting worried. With the two touchdowns third quarter a made extra point, and the failed two point conversion the Steelers entered the fourth quarter 35-23. Finishing up the game without a sack the Steelers put to rest their sacking streak. The game totaled for 5 touchdown from the Steelers by Claypool (2), Ebron (1), Smith-Schuster (1), and Conner (1). Wrapping it up the final score was 48-37 Browns. Hell of an effort was put up by these guys, but all good things must come to an end.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Center Maurkice Pouncey sharing an emotional moment after the loss.

"I'm sorry brother, you're the only reason I wanted to do this." Pouncey said to Roethlisberger post game.

Thank you Steelers for yet again producing an amazing season, one of my favorite things about this season was the young spark Chase Claypool brought to our team. I felt like he accompanied JuJu Smith-Schuster and together they created endless laughs and the purest content. Sometimes it's hard to think about how much work it takes to be broadcasted and payed for playing a sport. The new sources of media used by our player made for what I think one of our most connected teams in years. The dynamic this season brought me happiness like no other. Football plays such a big role in my life. It's amazing how much homework I can put off just to watch the game. I love the game and I hope to be able to report and experience the game first hand. I can't wait to become your next NFL sideline reporter.

For the off season I will continue to write blogs and continuously post articles about this group of amazing men, in an amazing city, with an amazing organization, #StairwaytoSeven2021.

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