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In Big Ben We Trust

As some of you Steeler super fans may be aware, our QB Big Ben is enjoying a big break during his off-season. Ben has never really been one with high numbers in the running game, so I wouldn't be too concerned over how his probably lost endurance could affect his 2020 season. Some might call this lazy but I'd say it's legendary. Jay Glazer attests to this:

"His idea of a great off-season workout program is doing one yoga session, playing golf and drinking some beer"

I mean look at our big boy! Hey Tiger Woods, look out we finally found you some real competition for once!

On a more serious note, this past Friday Tomlin was asked about updates on Roethlisbergers' recovery status and off-season training. Tomlin spoke:

"He is in great physical condition. Rehabilitation in regard to the injury itself is going well... We're excited about him and what he is going to do for us this year."

Here is Ben working on his swing and getting that arm back in action. Fortunately, his injury was early in the 2019 season, which has allowed Ben to have over six months thus far to recover.

Steeler Nation is looking forward to see our Big Ben back on the field this fall, it has been too long (like your slingshot passes) Ben!

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