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Holding On Tight

With a slow victory against the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday we still hold onto our undefeated title, being 8-0, after our 24-19 win. Struggling with short yardage gains throughout this matchup, we were down the whole game, till the fourth quarter in which we were behind by 10 then concluded with a 15 point quarter, ending our night defeating the Cowboys in Dallas.

"They were flat getting after us in the teams game," said Tomlin. "Not only in the block game, but they had a big punt return, a big kick return. They were a step ahead of us and they were aggressive, and you've got to give them credit for that."

With a slow quarter, kicking off the game only 3 points were put up, which were from the Cowboys. Proceeding into the second quarter the Cowboys grew their lead making it 10-0 with a touchdown pass from their fourth string QB, Gilbert to WR Lamb. This was then followed by another Dallas field goal with under 4 minutes remaining in the first half. With 1:10 remaining before the half Roethlisberger threw a 17-yard pass to WR James Washington, praising this touchdown it was shortly followed with disappointment from a missed extra point by Boswell, making the score 13-6. With a quick change in mood by the Steelers we regained possession merely before the half was up with a forced fumble by CB Cam Sutton. Finishing that drive off with a career best of 59-yards, Boswell puts up a field goal, now 13-9 Cowboys.

Returning to the field third quarter a win was on everyone's mind. We had been trailing and not gaining enough yardage in play throughout the first half which really hurt us. For a defense that has allowed the most rushing yards this year in the NFL they sure showed off everything they had by continuously stopping Conner and allotting us many losses of yardage on crucial plays and third/fourth downs. With no points put up by Pittsburgh in the third quarter Dallas puts up 6, leaving us down 19-9 going into the fourth quarter. With an outstanding and much needed comeback in the fourth quarter, Pittsburgh silenced the Cowboys. Starting off with a 31-yard touchdown pass to WR Juju Smith-Schuster, bringing us up 19-15. Then Boswell's second field goal, 43 yards bringing us up 19-18. With 2:14 left in the game Roethlisberger passed to TE Eric Ebron for a last minute touchdown finishing the game off, 24-19, Pittsburgh.

"We'll just get back in the lab and get back to work this week with the intention of being better against the Bengals." Said Tomlin.

We'll see you back at Heinz Field this Sunday where we meet against the Cincinnati Bengals and their rookie QB Joe Burrow.


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