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Here We GO! Something about flying birds..?

I am very pleased to tell you all what you definitely already know... 4-0 BABY!! For the first time since 1979 we have finally been able to get it together a create a promising future for the rest of this season. Let's start with a little recap from our 38-29 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. Now let me show you some Steelers magic.

Who knew a kid from Canada could play ball? Chase Claypool, our first pick in the 2020 draft, proved himself to be the MVP of this game, he finished with an astonishing 110 yards, concluding the game with 4 touchdowns.

"It's definitely insane, it's crazy, but I don't like to think about breaking records or making history. I'm trying to do the little things to help my team win." said Claypool.

From the beginning: Nearing the end of the first quarter with no points on the board, you guessed it Claypool with a two yard touchdown followed by Boswells kick giving us a 7-0 lead. Last minute the Eagles scored on the following drive tying the game before the start of the second quarter. At start of the second quarter Ben connected with Claypool for his second touchdown of the day bringing our numbers up to 14-7. Proceeded with an Eagles touchdown, Boswell matched him with a field goal leaving the field for halftime at 17-14. Guard, David DeCastro was replaced by rookie Kevin Dotson (Louisiana-Lafayette) due to an abdomen injury. Halftime.

Coming back onto the field to with another touchdown by Claypool making this his third touchdown of the game the Steelers lead 24-14. With the success of an interception by cornerback Steven Nelson, leading us 31-14, another touchdown, this time by Conner with a one yard run. From what felt like smooth sailing from here on out the Eagles gave us a scare at the beginning of the fourth quarter coming up 31-29. But, you know how this goes... a 35 yard connection from Roethlisberger to Claypool finishes this game at a solid 38-29 victory full of great celebrations and memories this rookie will hold onto for his whole career.

As for next weeks matchup against the Cleveland Browns, I don't really know how to think. This could either be a typical Browns game or Mayfield and his team could have us in store for a shock. I'm fully faithful Tomlin is keeping our beloved team in shape and will have us ready for Sunday's matchup at 1pm at Heinz Field. The stadium is open, so if you have the opportunity bless yourself with a football Sunday in the Burgh!


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