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Chase Claypool

Updated: May 3, 2020

The 2nd round pick, and the Steelers first going into the 2020 NFL Draft

This aggressive addition to the Steelers is a wide receiver coming out of Notre Dame at an astonishing 6'4 weighing in at 238 lbs.

“The Steelers have a knack for finding receivers. Claypool is a freak at the position with a rare combination of size, strength and speed. He isn't a polished route runner, but he's tough and productive as an outside pass catcher. The Notre Dame standout also brings some special teams ability.”

An Insight On A Possible Positive Offensive Chemistry Coming Our Way

This beast of a man has already become close and reached out to Big Ben and Juju. We can only keep our fingers crossed he sparks new plays on the field and adds a good flowing dynamic this offense is in much need of. In a recent interview with Steelers reporter Missi Matthews, Claypool goes on about how easily he cooperates with his teammates, is well rounded, and can be friendly in any scenario"I don't think any one should put themselves over anyone, I just look at the guys as teammates no matter their background". If you ask me, Tomlin definitely knew this and greatly took it into account when trying to picture him as a Steeler... considering past controversial players that we shall not name.

Welcome, Chase Claypool!


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