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Carlos Davis

Updated: May 3, 2020

Our final pick of the draft travelling to the east from Nebraska to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers is DT Carlos Davis.

Coming in at about 313 lbs and a tall 6'2 this defensive tackle may not have the best reaction time from a snap, and is physically challenged due to his height, but Tomlin took a chance on him. On the bright side, being drafted to the Steelers will give him an amazing opportunity to learn and grow from one of the best defensive lineups in the league.

“He is a strong kid. He is a talented athlete.”

"He flashes very disruptive reps that could help him carve out a role in the Steelers' defensive line rotation."

With pick 232 and the 18th of round 7, Davis was nearing the end of the draft and was very fortunate that Tomlin had an eye on him.

Get Used To the Black & Yellow

Interestingly enough Davis was highly competitive in track and field as well as football in college, in high school he became state champ in discuss and shot put. fascinatingly enough he started all 12 games as a sophomore compiling 42 tackles and 2.5 sacks at a mere 20 yrs. old! Although he is not that much of a rusher this hefty player can be forceful with unexpected and sometimes indirect tackles. He is mostly a straightforward tackler and focus' on whats in his line of sight, while only working inside the frame this allows for much growth as he will be joining a lively defense this coming season.

See you when you're out of your comfort zone Davis!

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