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Antoine Brooks Jr.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Coming in at our 5th pick in the 6th round and 198th pick overall, Brooks Jr., safety from the University of Maryland is head over heels to not only play with his teammate, (Anthony McFarland) but the Steelers as a whole!

A former MVP for the Terps, has nothing but good words from his former coaches. His natural football instincts and ability to play anywhere on the field with his eye on the ball, he will make a great addition of the Steelers.

“I just want to play football to the best of my ability. I am an aggressive tackler, aggressive player. I did a lot of blitzing. A lot of moving around when I was at Maryland.”

We look forward to see you in our legendary Blitzburgh...

Brooks On The Big Screen

He is a very versatile player and can tackle anywhere and anyone, he feels no major restriction on his position when duty calls. This willing player is aggressive like no other, with an "Alpha" attitude and snappy instincts. It's good to know Brooks will bring passion to the roster on and off the field. With an impressive college resume from a man that nearly didn't play for Maryland due to traumatic high school injuries, the Burgh warmly welcomes Antoine Brooks Jr.

Best of luck in Steel City!

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