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Anthony McFarland

Updated: May 3, 2020

The first star Pittsburgh drafted in round 4 with pick 124 straight out of Maryland, Anthony McFarland is to join the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming season!

Just a couple hours east of Steel City, running back McFarland 5'8 and 208 lbs. will be a great explosive addition, that will enhance our ball running on the offensive side and hopefully get those towels in the air post-touchdown.

“The explosive flashes he showed when healthy should excite fans as he adds a dynamic complement to other grinders on the team.”

The young man ended his carer with 1,648 rushing yards, despite an ankle injury this past year which he pushed through and played on only missing one game last season.

McFarland Can McFly

The goal of adding McFarland to our roster, is to up our running game and to assist Conner if God forbid he were to end up on that injured list in 2020. With exceptional numbers by the end of college he will boost the versatility on the offensive lineup, and "offer a change of pace" said running back coach Eddie Faulkner. McFarland shows persistence and a strong drive to achieve what he's worked most of his life for and won't give up so easily if knocked down in the big leagues.

Till game day McFarland!

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