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Alex Highsmith

Updated: May 3, 2020

The defensive end from Charlotte to take on the Burgh... as an outside linebacker this coming season!

With almost identical proportions to our 2nd round pick Claypool, Highsmith uses his advantages on the defensive side of the lineup.

"A high-motor pass rusher with intriguing skills, Highsmith wins with a combination of effort, energy and hand skills as a power rusher... the Charlotte product could be an effective DPR for the Steelers down the road"

This beast finished his college career with a Charlotte record of 20 sacks!

An Insight:

Tomlin has plans for Highsmith to "shadow" star Steelers such as Dupree and Watt. Highsmith is beyond grateful to learn and retain as much as he can from our star defenders, all in all hes got his eyes on the Lombardi. He is very determined to make our beloved city his home and leave the small town feel Charlotte brought. Colbert said he had an eye out for him at a game and was more drawn to him after this years combine, "A long , fast, athletic guy" is how he described his physique. Highsmith stood out with his accomplishments and growth being a red-shirt freshman going on to breaking school records, his journey with the Steelers will be long and explosive.

Don't break our Steel Curtain, okay Alex? Okay.

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