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Crazy. Coming out of week 11 with 0 loses has been a thing of Steel City beauty. We finished Sundays game with a dominant 27-3 victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. With both Fitzpatrick and Edmunds having 2 interceptions we totaled for 4 interceptions along with 3 touchdowns, creating one of our biggest leads in a final score this season. Also this was our 67th game in a row with at least one sack per game. Let's get to the recap:

Now, I think that the Steelers enjoy giving Steeler Nation a full on heart attack the first quarter, this common thread, not cool. With this being said, the first quarter ended 3-0 Jaguars. That was the last possession the Jaguars would have that ended in a drive with point up.

Second quarter things got a lot more entrusting. Starting off with a field goal from Boswell we were tied 3-3. Shortly after Boswells kick was accompanied by a touchdown from rookie WR Chase Claypool, continuing our lead 10-3. This accounted for Claypool's 10th touchdown in his 10 games played in the NFL, I would say that's pretty darn impressive. Squeezing in a quick touchdown before half, RB Benny Snell ran for a 1-yard touchdown putting us up by 14, score being 17-3. Into the locker rooms we go.

"Just focus on one week at a time, and that's what this team has done" Said Roethlisberger.

It wasn't perfect, but nothing's perfect about us except our record. Head Coach Tomlin flaunted.

With no advance throughout the third quarter we swiftly moved into the fourth. With about six minutes left in the game QB Ben Roethlisberger connected with TE Eric Ebron for a 20-yard touchdown pass which allowed us to surpass Jacksonville by a 24 point leads.

This Thursday the Steelers will be hosting their first ever Thanksgiving home game against the Baltimore Ravens. One of our toughest competitors, we will have to wait and see how our offense rolls. I hope our defense stays consistent and proves our Steel Curtain to be true.

See ya on Turkey Day!


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